On September 1, Hurricane Dorian settled over the Bahamas as a Category 5 hurricane, causing extensive damage to homes and other properties.

BGR is in contact with local Baptist partners in the Bahamas to gain an initial assessment of needs. At this point, the storm is still active and the situation is fluid. We will know more in the next few days.

At the moment, there are two ways you can help BGR respond to Hurricane Dorian:


  • Pray for the people of the Bahamas as they recover from this disaster. Pray for peace, strength, and hope found in Christ.
  • Pray also for BGR as we seek the most effective and efficient ways to help our Baptist partners in the response.


  • BGR has authorized an initial $50,000 for emergency relief and is sending a team to asses further needs. Priorities for funding are food, water, and shelter.
  • You can give to the Hurricane Dorian Response Fund using the button below.


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