The Shelby Baptist Association has missionary positions available for Student Interns.  To apply, contact Keith Brown at 669-7858 or for an application.

All applications must be completed and submitted by August 31, 2018.


Title: Intern
Classification: Part-time, Non-Salaried Ministerial Staff
Employed By: Shelby Baptist Association
Supervised By: Ministries Center Director & Ministry Evangelism Catalyst

Primary Function

Working in office and with various ministries in the Ministry Center.


  1. Organize and lead Bible study/devotion.
  2. Work in a variety of different settings within our office.
  3. Fill in vacant volunteer positions in the Ministry Center.
  4. Work in the Thrift Store/Ministry Center to help sort donations.
  5. Help supervise volunteer groups working in the Ministry Center.
  6. Other assignments as designated.


  1. Must have completed first year of college and currently enrolled in a field of study.
  2. Must have completed his or her first year of college.
  3. The Shelby Baptist Association is a Southern Baptist Church entity.  However, non-Southern Baptist, Evangelical students may be hired if they agree to read The Baptist Faith and Message and abstain from teaching or promoting anything that contradicts the doctrinal statements found there in while employed by the SBA.
  4. A personal letter of reference from someone familiar with the applicant’s abilities in ministry (pastor, youth/college minister, professor, etc.) should be submitted on professional letterhead by mail or email.


  1. Must be willing and capable of working with other staff and volunteers.  There may be times where volunteers serve as your supervisor.
  2. This position does require some lifting and moving of donations.
  3. Activities for that day will determine what dress is appropriate.  No immodest clothing.  No gym or athletic shorts.  No cut-offs or short-shorts.  No tank-tops or sleeveless shirts.  No sandals or flip flops.
  4. Any behavior on or away from work site that reflects poorly on the Shelby Baptist Association may result in suspension and/or possible termination.