International Ministries

People from all over the world live in Shelby County. Many of them have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to build relationships through meeting needs so we can share the love Christ with our neighbor.

Here are some ways you can help!

  • Pray for our neighbors from other languages and cultures
  • Welcome a new neighbor
  • Invite someone into you home from a meal
  • Ask your local school how you can help a family from another culture who is in need
  • Care for an international college student – Contact Jacob Freeman (Baptist Campus Ministries Director – University of Montevallo and Jefferson State Community College)
  • Literacy Ministry
    • Teach English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) (link to ALSOM
    • Tutoring Children and Youth (TCY)
    • Adult Reading and Writing (ARW)
  • If interested in starting an ESOL, TCY, or ARW ministry please email for more information or contact us if you are looking for a ministry near you.
  • Support churches, ministries, and organizations that serve international populations:

To volunteer fill out the form here.
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